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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The New Leaf..

I've just finished two weeks vacation, a "sanity" break from work before the big summer push if you will. I was finally able to catch up on all those things that needed to get done but I never had the time to do. First on the list, total clean up of my apartment. I scrubbed, vaccumed, laundried, donated things that were long past their prime. It felt real good to finally "let go" of things that didn't really belong in my life anymore and give them to a chairity that really needed it. My place is the cleanest it's been in a long time, now to just keep it that way! Next I got a garden started. Wildflowers are the theme this year, nice and easy with a beautiful payoff in the end. To top it off, an herb garden, zucchini, and pumpkins! I've always wanted to grom my own pumpkins, can't wait till halloween! Many other little projects followed, but probably the most important to me was finally selling my old Honda scooter. I've had it for almost seven years, bought it for my ex-boyfriend so he could get around town. One day he had a minor accident and swore never to ride it again. So I started riding it. We broke up more than three years ago...not pretty (restraining order) I've moved on, found myself an amazing new b/f, and bought myself a new scooter. I had to buy a new scooter partly due to the old one, well, getting old, but it also always reminded me of my ex. I feel that I am over him, but whenever I rode it, memories always came up, good and bad ones. I know, we should always remember the past and learn by our mistakes but I needed to let it go. Selling the scooter just helped me move on with my life that much more, and I'm alot better for it. All in all, it was a good break from work, a good time for me to clean up my life, reflect on things, and do abit of dusting.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Here we go! Round three!

Wizard of Oz f

"Now click your heels together three times and go fuck yourself."

Or then again, let's put on a Broadway musical. It'll be a hoot.